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3 Must Do Approaches When Onboarding New Team Members

At Point To Point we don’t just think about the interview process when it comes to our recruiting efforts. We look ahead at every aspect including what we do in those important first weeks after a new “Pointer” joins us. 

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Turn Hesitation of Video Marketing Into Prime-Time Brand Growth

Generate more successful ad campaigns

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Insights To Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Embrace uncertainty to establish trust in strong personal working relationships

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‘Vulnerability’ And Other Keys To Making Our Best Work

5 key words that ultimately describe our approach

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Creating Human Connections Through Your Computer Screen


Being a human is hard enough these days, the world feels like it is in a constant state of chaos. Which makes us all crave the meaningful interactions which can be so hard to foster in the era of social distancing. So how can we be more creative about how we foster more unique engagement while staring into the computer screen? Here are some unique ways you can show your customers you care about them and want to create a strong, supportive relationship while working remote.
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Marketing in a Time of Hyperbolic Change

Hyperbolic change mandates a new reality. The days of annual marketing plans that are written in August, presented in September, finalized in November and executed from January to December are gone. Here’s our guide to managing change for B2B marketers.

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